RWX, Mantra of Ancient Autodidacts

Read/Research. Write. Execute/Exercise/Experience.

RWX is an ancient fix to a corrupt and irrelevant modern education system. Learning isn’t that complicated. We humans have been doing it for thousands of years. But greed and power have corrupted and destroyed many of our systems of learning and sought to control our learning in ways that benefit everyone but the person learning.

The transfer of knowledge from one person to another is a rather simple practice. Those who master the practice become powerful autodidacts capable of everything from convincing microorganisms to be our allies, to harnessing light and electricity to connect the world. Autodidacts get stuff done because they don’t have to wait on anything or anyone to learn something new now, and they sure as hell don’t ask for permission. They learn despite the system, not because of it.

This cycle repeats both individually and collectively. Usually we enter the cycle when we learn of others experience through reading. Hence, RWX.