RWX is an open knowledge project that seeks to provide practical technical skills education to address the problems of traditional education models, learning from labs, not lectures.

The earlier you learn to learn the better. Becoming an autodidact is the most essential skill anyone will ever master. Without it you simply cannot progress on your own. You are your best teacher. You are the boss of you. Grades and diplomas don’t really matter. Skills and knowledge do.

Mastering these tools will significantly boost your tech skills and learning ability.

Code All the Things

Coding is everywhere. You cannot work in tech without it. Using the Linux Bash terminal command-line is coding. Every command you type on every line is part of an interactive, ongoing program interpreted by Bash and processed by Linux. Put those same command lines into a file and you have a shell script. This is why Bash should be your first language despite its quirks. You already use it. There is zero cognitive translation between learning new commands and learning programming. They are the same. Why not master the language you are already using before starting to learn others later. Eventually, there won’t be any language you can’t master.

The formula for getting a job is simple. Get someone to trust you enough to pay you. This becomes easy once you have a portfolio of proof you can show anyone. Your authentic confidence will overcome any impostor syndrome while grounded. Once you have the public proof the search becomes much easier. Recruiters will come looking for you. Then, you decide to work for yourself or someone else. The choice is up to you.

Research and Reach Out

Being hired isn’t about you. It’s about them — the people you must convince to trust you. You cannot convince them until you work to know them. Specifically you must discover what it is that they trust: degrees, certificates, referrals, your persuasive personality, or your open source project work. It is sometimes difficult but always essential. Once you have done the research, make a plan and produce the proof they want.

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