RWX.GG is an open knowledge project and progressive knowledge app that seeks to do what it can to fix education.

A flipped and intense open course and community awaits. Chances are you haven’t experienced anything like it. You’ll need more than just this app to get you through it. But don’t worry. We got you.

First, how to become an effective, tech-focused, autodidact. Then you’ll learn the Linux terminal while you write real code in nine different languages. If you put in the time you’ll not only be able to code remotely from any command line in the world, but you’ll grok computers and all languages allowing you to learn any of them later.

A portfolio that will prove your skills and knowledge to everyone and anyone including yourself. Your impostor syndrome will be sent packing and your Dunning-Kruger will be obliterated by authenticity. What comes next is up to you. What will your verse be?

Nothing. This app and course will always be free. This project is made possible through generous donations and volunteer contributions from people like you.