Crusty Ol’ Education That Can’t Keep Up

Seriously, This is Actually Happening

The following are first-hand accounts and evidence of substantial failures of educational organizations and institutions to stay relevant.

College Teaching Java Applets in 2020

A community member reported directly in live stream that he is currently learning “Java applets” in his college Computer Science course.

Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College

95-799 Linux & Open Source Mini — Spring 2020

Creationism Mandated in Public Schools

Creationism is not science.

Flat Earth Debated in High School CS Class

First hand accounts of students at Hough High School in Cornelius, North Carolina have been reported of a CS High School instructor dividing her class in two to “debate” the position of the Flat Earth Society rather than study computer science at all as an “activity.” The “teacher” openly acknowledges her position that the Earth is, in fact, flat.