Annual Beginner Boost

The purpose of our annual Beginner Boost is to help new and existing community members become aware of what they don’t know and need to learn to get — and maintain — good occupations in key technical fields.


Week Date Focus
0 Tue, May 4 Learn Effectively and Independently (RWX)
1 Tue, May 11 Use Docker Containers for Development
2 Tue, May 18 Use Bash CLI and Manage Software Packages
3 Tue, May 25 Configure TMUX and Edit Files with Vim
4 Tue, Jun 1 Grok Network Basics and Code Simple Web Sites
5 Tue, Jun 8 Write Markdown and Render with Pandoc
6 Tue, Jun 15 Structure Data with JSON and YAML
7 Tue, Jun 22 Manage Source with GitHub, git, and gh
8 Tue, Jun 29 Code Basic POSIX Shell and Perl Scripts
9 Tue, Jul 6 Program Simple Automations in Python
10 Tue, Jul 13 Develop Basic Tools and Services in Go
11 Tue, Jul 20 Grok CPU and Memory and Write Simple C Code
12 Tue, Jul 27 Install Linux on Bare Metal

Containers for Each Week

Start with absolute bare-bones docker pull ubuntu and build from there, but have containers saved in each weekly state for those who need to catch up.

Scope and Target Occupations