Corruption Destroying Education

Don’t Just Get angry. Get busy.

The news in 2019 and 2020 has been full of specific examples of widespread corruption of educational organizations and companies providing certification. It is our goal to not just complain about these organizations and companies but to do something about it by providing better alternatives recognized by the industry thereby undercutting their monopolies and cronyism.

College Board Proctors Being Paid Off

Several stories of College Board proctors being paid off and vows to protect against cheating on tests. Some of the fallout has included colleges dropping the requirement to take the SAT test.

Several Ivy League Schools Busted for Fraud

Several have now plead guilty to fraud when applying to get into high-priced universities. While other legacy applicants get in just because they have the right parents. Thankfully the world is waking up to this stupidity.

CompTIA Litigates Against Right to Repair

In 2020 CompTIA, which the government of the United States official depends on and supports for several certifications, openly litigated against engineers gainfully employed repairing their electronic devices to seek to make such basic rights to repair electronics illegal and have them require CompTIA paid, renewed certifications.

Apple Seeks Early Education Monopoly and Control

On the outside Apple appears to be charitably helping the educational organizations of the world when it fact it is pushing its own corporate agenda. Apple really only cares about getting kids hooked early on Apple products and skills. Otherwise it would clearly use alternatives widely acknowledged by the industry instead.