Standard Text Editors

Which Do We Learn and Why

A text editor is a technologist’s most important tool, sort of like a sword is to a knight, a hammer to a carpenter. You get the point. There are three general types of text editors every technologist uses at some point. Here are the recommended editors based on the type.

Graphical VSCode
Terminal Vi/m
Command Ed

The reason these are recommended above others is their widespread adoption and likelihood that the rest of your team will be using the same tools in a future occupation. In the case of Vi, the primary reason it is picked over something like Emacs (which is a fine editor) is simply because Emacs must be installed and Vi does not.

Fighting over one’s favorite editor is one of the most common historical pointless battles in the industry. Pick the right tool for the job.

An IDE will certainly come with a text editor built into it, but by definition is not just a text editor since it does a lot more than just edit text.