Language Learning Challenges

Gamified Way to Drive Your Coding Skills

These challenges are designed to be researched and coded in order to incrementally learn new concepts and skills for any language. The challenges require completing several combined tasks which you will need to research and learn for your target language. You can do them all in one language at a time or learn several languages at the same time. (Mr. Rob recommends Bash, Go, C, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Ruby, and Rust.)

Note that all of these challenges assume you will be doing them from a Linux command line so you will first need to become proficient with Bash and a terminal editor such as the recommended Vim. This is by design. If you can learn to edit, compile, and run code from the command line you can do it anywhere else, but the reverse is simply not true. Since most coding these days involves Linux and the command line you will be ahead of everyone else who doesn’t learn it that way. It’s a simple fact.

Remember to include the name of the language in your research about the given topics. Otherwise, your search results will often be much too broad.