Target Occupations

Jobs You Can Get

Maybe you want to read a bit about getting a job before continuing. Most people have a lot of ambiguity about it. Some have downright wrong ideas.

When deciding what topics to include for content and courses here on RWX the following target occupations have been prioritized. These include the fastest growing tech careers according to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

Title Growth Salary Schooling Years
Security Analyst 32% $99,730 Bachelors 4
Software Developer 21% $105,950 Bachelors 4
Computer and Information Research Scientist 16% $122,840 Masters 6
Web Developer 13% $73,760 Associates 2
System Administrator 5% $83,510 Bachelors 4
Site Reliability Engineer ??? ??? Bachelors 4
IoT Embedded Developer ??? ??? Bachelors 4

Note that the salaries are median amounts and are often far under what can be found by searching through job postings.

Contributors please keep the above list in mind when considering ideas for additional content. If you cannot confidently answer yes to the question “Does this content apply to every one of these occupations?” then it is likely secondary. While secondary content is fine, priority attention should be given to missing priority content first. For example, learning the React JavaScript framework is too specific and only applies to Web Developer. JavaScript and the DOM, however, are definitely a priority.

Incidently, learning web tech (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, HTTP) is required to become a cybersecurity professional since the web is second only to phishing scams as a hacker attack vector. This is why WGU requires certification as a “Web Site Developer” for their Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Bachelor’s degree program). It goes without saying that deep web skills are also required to win most bug bounties.

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