Beginner Boosts

Giving You a Push. You Got the Rest.

RWX beginner boosts get you started right. Since you’re an autodidact you’ll want to take it from there. The goal is modern familiarity, not mastery; to help you avoid bad habits or ancient and irrelevant knowledge. The rest is up to you. Be sure to pay it forward.

Do boosts progressively to build up skills and knowledge.

Boost Title Description
Touch Type Learn to type. No really learn to type. Can you type a hashtag without looking at your keyboard?
Create a Codebook It’s a notebook with code, better than any overpriced textbook because you wrote it, not some pompous windbag using unnecessary words and complexity just to sell more books to other windbags. Use your Basic Markdown notebook anywhere you have an Internet connection. Start taking notes and managing your knowledge in a sustainable way from the start so you can edit, add, search, and share your knowledge later. You never need to worry about word processor glitches and lock in. You can even turn your codebook into a knowledge app. You’ll join a README.World community of authors who manage and share their knowledge as source code.
Get Linux Get you a Linux terminal, stat! You’ll learn every way possible to get access to the most powerful human-computer interface ever created including in the cloud, inside virtual machines, and, of course, right on bare metal, old and new, big and small.
Shell Survival You have a big black terminal screen and a blinking prompt. Now what? Keep calm and learn the shell. Every command you type is one more line of code in an ongoing interactive program that your helpful Bash interpreter is there to execute for you. Just tell it what to do. Put those commands in a file and you have a script you can run. Look at that! You’re coding!
Survive Vi Learn the minimum skills required to survive your first ecounter with the world’s oldest, most efficient, most ubiquitous, and under-appreciated editor on the planet. Yes, it’s even easier than Nano.
Connect with SSH
Save with Git
Screen and TMUX
Structured Data JSON, YAML, TOML, INI, XML, Properties, TSV, CSV, JQ
Vi Done Right
Script with Bash
Power of Perl
Find with Find
Tranfer with cURL
Integrate with GraphQL
Publish with Pandoc
Render as HTML
Style with CSS
Progressive JavaScript
Encode and Unicode
Contain with Docker
Secure with KeePassXC
TMUX Session Scripting
Tab Complete All the Things
Manage Knowledge with KN
Share Knowledge on README.World
Git Good with Git
C for the Careful
Golang for TUI Apps
Rust Pest PEG Parsing